Price Per Head Bookie Service

It doesn´t matter if you´re playing with brick-and-mortar casinos, online sportsbooks or with a pay per head provider, you love to talk about your bets. And The Best Pay Per Head understands that. Heck, we´re bettors too. That´s why we offer a unique platform for agents and clients to talk about their action, get opinions from other gamblers and share their biggest wins and bad beats. Our blog option gives your price per head bookie service a voice and a sense of community, where clients can interact, ask questions and share stories – all with the security and anonymity The Best Pay Per Head prides itself on.

With the blog, agents can send out weekly reports from "The House", updating clients of upcoming events, odds adjustments, new wagering options and innovations from the pay per head provider. Bookies can reach out to other bookies using the PPH service and see where they stand when it comes to action on the big game or how bad they got burned by that late touchdown in the Monday nighter. Having an active blog is a great way to build a relationship and trust with your client base, separating yourself from the some of the faceless corporate online sportsbooks. Clients will be more comfortable in that community setting, and will likely wager more due to the fact they´ve found a place where they feel that they belong. It something unique at The Best Pay Per Head that you just won´t find with most other price per head bookie service.

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