PPH Services

The Best Pay Per Head offers a wide variety of pricing options for our agents, from fitting the needs of the smaller more casual bookmaker to premium packages for those agents with large client lists and bigger bettors. Our PPH services start as low as $3 per customer per week, which means agents can pay only $3 for each client that is actively wagering that week. And with our site customization, vast wagering menu and odds options, you can be sure your clients will keep coming back again and again.

All of our pay per head packages come with 24/7 knowledgeable customer service and support, as well as keeping your book operating and taking action no matter the time or day. Wagers are automatically graded and calculated for each client, keeping your hands free when it comes to taking and organizing bets. And even with that reasonable price, The Best Pay Per Head doesn´t skimp when it comes to protecting our agents´ or their clients´ privacy. Cutting-edge security measures are taken to protect your book´s data as well as guard against any outside attacks, keeping your book up and running no matter how many clients are betting at one time.

As packages increase in price, so do the PPH services available to you and your clients. Agents can track and monitor sharp players and instantly adjust their odds to reflect their handle, the market consensus or any breaking injuries or news. Overall book and individual client analysis can be provided, allowing you to precisely manage your handle and make split-second adjustments. These example are just scratching the surface when it comes to what The Best Pay Per Head can provide for you. Contact us for a free quote and become our latest money-making agent.

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