Make money on Sports Betting

The Best Pay Per Head industry has been around as long as the online sportsbook, and the two operate pretty much the same way. But, while name-brand online books reap all the rewards from their markets, independent pay per head agents make money on sports betting from their select list of clients.

Where The Best Pay Per Head comes in is offering those independent bookies the same odds offerings, betting menus, 24-hour service, customer support and wagering technology that those big-name books do – and all for an incredibly low price per customer.

The Best Pay Per Head has nearly 30 years of experience in pay per head sportsbooks behind it, with our founders building the industry from the ground up. They’ve constantly challenged the pay per head standard with new ways of thinking about how to better serve their agents and their agents’ clients. They’ve faced all troubles and challenges and pass that knowledge and experience on to our valued agents, providing them with around-the-clock customer support and service as well as reliable and cutting-edge technology to make sure bookies are always open for business.

The Best Pay Per Head is serious when it comes to helping you make money on sports betting and has flipped the industry on its ear by offering the highest standard in pay per head service at a fraction of what some other providers are asking. Contact us for a free quote and see why The Best Pay Per Head is the top option for independent bookmakers.

“My phone would never stop ringing, which made having a life outside of my book really difficult. Now, with The Best Pay Per Head, my clients can just go online and wager on whatever, whenever. It’s a game changer.”

“I’ve tried other pay per heads in the past but never came close to the value, service and options The Best Pay Per Head provides me and my bettors. You guys are the best in the biz.”

“I couldn’t believe everything The Best Pay Per Head offered for such a small price. It’s money well spent.” 

Make money on Sports Betting