Pay per head Bookie Service

One of the most overlooked options when shopping for a pay per head bookie service is security. You can have all the betting bells and whistles, but what good are those amenities if your pay per head website is always down or if someone hacks your agent profile or client list? The Best Pay Per Head takes security to the next level. We understand how important privacy is to our agents and their clients, so we offer state-of-the-art encryption and triple-redundant telephone and internet connection security measures in protecting their data and identities.

As well as guarding your valuable information, we also protect your book from outside DDoS attacks which try to crash your website. The Best Pay Per Head takes preventative measures to withstand and recognize these possible threats, taking them down before they even become an issue.

On top of guarding against those intrusive problems, The Best Pay Per Head backs up your book with the latest in high-powered servers and online gaming software to insure functionality and speed are not compromised no matter how many clients are using the site at once. We even have industrial-grade generators on deck to keep the lights on in your book in case power is suddenly out in our offices.

Perhaps our strongest security asset as a pay per head bookie service is our availability. The Best Pay Per Head has 24/7 customer service and support, with experienced and tech-savvy staff ready to react to any issues or answer any questions you or your clients may have when it comes to the security of your site.

“The Best Pay Per Head has easily tripled my profits. My customer base has boomed and those guys are placing more bets than ever before. Player props, halftime lines, live betting are things I would have never dreamed I could offer. The more you give them, the more they bet. Keep it coming.”

“My old PPH provider would always crash at the worst times, like just before kickoff on Sunday or in the middle of March Madness, and it cost me a lot of clients. With The Best Pay Per Head, I don’t have any down time and my customer base has never been bigger.”

“Just got off the online chat with The Best Pay Per Head customer support team. They were awesome and informative, answered all my questions. I’m new to the PPH game, so they were extremely patient with me. Thank you. Appreciate the help.”

Pay per head Bookie Service