Risk Management

A sportsbook is only as good as its numbers, whether that’s a massive operation in Las Vegas or the small independent bookie. But when those numbers are off, the difference between the two is glaring.

The big boys in Sin City have a corporate safety net to keep the lights on despite poor oddsmaking. The independent bookmaker, however, can quickly find themselves shuttered if they’re exposed by soft spreads and totals.

At thebestperhead.com, we recognize the importance of risk management in the oddsmaking process. While other pay-per-head providers simply slap up a consensus line, our talented team is constantly weighing the risks and benefits of every line we generate before we release our daily numbers. We pride ourselves on having the smartest sports betting odds in the industry – from Vegas to the UK.

Posting the opening odds is just where thebestperhead.com gets started. Our oddsmaking team monitors not only the action coming through our valued customer accounts but also the biggest and sharpest sportsbooks across the industry, using advanced analytics and prediction models as well as an elite team of line managers to anticipate shifts in the market and adjust our clients numbers before liability piles up.

Since opening our exclusive odds to pay-per-head bookmakers, we have steadily improved our clients’ hold percentage year after year while maintaining a competitive offering of wagering options, including sides and totals, unique team and player props, win totals and futures, as well as live in-game wagering – our most popular and engaging product.

There is more than a century of collective sportsbook experience within our oddsmaking team, ranging from Vegas veterans to offshore entrepreneurs to MIT graduates who cut their teeth in the ultra-competitive Asian markets. Each has unique methods of making and managing lines, helping thebestperhead.com find that sweet spot between enticing odds offerings and calculated risk management.