Become a Bookie

Sports betting has never been bigger. Twenty, 10, and even five years ago, the industry was still considered an underground market operating in the shadows by even shadier characters. But with the recent mainstream acceptance of sports betting shedding light on the industry, we’re seeing sports betting for what it really is: normal everyday sports fans looking to make the games they love a little more interesting.

And while gambling on sports is only legal in select states, like Nevada and Delaware, there’s a growing number of local bookmakers taking action from average folks in their areas, and they’re making a bundle doing it.

Becoming a bookmaker is not an easy decision but with the increasing acceptance of sports betting and the technological innovations made by Pay-Per-Head providers like, starting and operating a book has never been easier.

If you’re still on the fence about becoming a bookie, here are some pros and cons to consider:

PRO: BUSINESS IS BOOMING – How to be a Sports Bookie

As we mentioned, sports betting has never been bigger. Just look at the more than $4 billion wagered on sports in Nevada last year – and that’s not accounting for all the betting action going to sportsbooks online and local bookies.

You won’t have to look long and far for eager clientele either. People want to bet on their favorite sports and once you get a handful of clients onboard, you can learn really quick how to be a sports bookie and it all starts with a PPH provider like operating your book.

You’re offering an elite service for a market in high demand. We know there’s competition out there from other local bookies and online shops, which is why we give our agents the ability to customize their book to best fit their bettors and offer all the odds, action and betting options as the big-name books. And all for an extremely affordable price per head.


We aren’t going to dance around the point that a non-licenced operator taking bets on sporting events, horse races or online casinos is against the law – even though many believe it is a basic freedom to have the right to do whatever you want with your hard-earned money. But if you’re seriously considering becoming a bookie, you’re already well aware of this fact and have weighed the possible repercussions that come along with it.

That said, running your own book is much more discrete than it ever was. No longer do non-stop ringing phones and constant visitors to your place of operation trigger suspicions. Thanks to ground-breaking gaming technology, like that provided by, your clients can log into the sportsbook via their home computer or mobile smart phone and place their bets with ease. That leaves your hands free to monitor action, expanded your client base, and enjoy all the extra money rolling in.


Back in the day, running your own book was a tireless job in which the bulk of the work fell on the bookie’s shoulders. And if you hired help to lighten the load, you always had to worry about them skimming a little extra from right under your nose. With modern Pay-Per-Head providers like, new bookies can rest easy knowing that an extensive and experienced team of industry professionals has their back.

Not only do our agents benefit from our innovative gaming software and massive betting menus, but they also received 24-hour, around-the-clock customer service for themselves and their clients. On top of that, we back up your operation with the latest in online security measures, including software to protect from site downtime during the busiest betting days and guard against possible DDoS attacks.


The bookie business has undergone a massive evolution thanks to cutting-edge PPH providers like However, there’s still one task that bookies must do the old school way: collect and pay out winnings.

Becoming a bookie has plenty of ups and downs, and most of those will come on collection day – generally a Tuesday in the industry. You have to arrange and organize the “who, when and where” as it pertains to this side of the business, but while the task remains the same the process is much easier thanks to Pay-Per-Head providers. does all the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking and recording your clients’ accounts. With just a few clicks, you get full and detailed reports on which players are owed winnings and which ones must pay you. Not only that, but our agents can monitor which players are winning the most, which sports are producing the most profits and can also set and adjust limits for clients to help manage your book as best suits your business.

Hopefully, those pros and cons have helped you make a decision on becoming a bookie. If you have further questions or inquiries feel free to contact our customer service operators, take our gaming software for a trial run, and get a free quote on the Pay-Per-Head service that fits your book.