Underdog run makes NFL playoffs a huge win for PPH bookies – and we still have Super Bowl to go!

Underdog run makes NFL playoffs a huge win for PPH bookies - and we still have Super Bowl to go! | News Article by TheBestPerHead.com

Bookmaking is not so much an art, as it is a science.
In a perfect world, the standard -110 juice on a bet guarantees the bookie profit from each and every result. But, as the NFL regular season showed us, the gambling world is far from perfect. Liability can rear its ugly head, and most times that sits with the pointspread favorite.

So when NFL favorites posted a 96-56-7 record against the spread from Week 7 to Week 17, it wiped out some of the profits bookmakers earned in the first six weeks of the season, when those same betting faves boasted a measly 36-53-1 ATS count.

As with any sportsbook, be it in Las Vegas or a Pay-Per-Head agent, the general public loves to wager on the favorite. And that can lead to one-sided handles on those teams giving the points – something even the savviest bookmaker can’t avoid.

If you scroll back to our past blogs, TheBestPerHead.com preached about patience and trust in the system. These one-sided trends do tend to balance themselves out over the course of the football schedule, and quite honestly, we didn’t think it would take until the playoffs to do so.

Well, if you are interested in becoming a bookie remember that the dark days of fantastic favorites are over. The postseason has produced an incredible run for underdogs, bringing with it a windfall of profits for agents of TheBestPerHead.com. Heading into Super Bowl LII, dogs barked all the way to a 9-1 ATS record through the NFL playoffs including both pups cashing in during the AFC and NFC Championships – one of the biggest single days for our agents in TheBestPerHead.com’s history.

The wave of underdog winners has been huge for Pay-Per-Head bookies, not only bashing the public over the head, but also snuffing out liability on teasers and parlays which are in abundance during the postseason, since there are only a select number of games on the board. Another huge advantage for bookies in the postseason has been the fact that favorites are just 5-5 SU, with those upset losses knocking out moneyline parlays on the chalk as well.

Next to that rash of underdog winners is a solid 5-5 Over/Under result through the postseason. Our expert oddsmakers and risk management teams have been especially diligent when it comes to the postseason totals, reacting quickly to sharp play and industry trends to fine turn the totals for the NFL playoffs and maximize the hold for our agents. This 50/50 split on Over/Under results is a perfect example of the science behind bookmaking at work, with guaranteed profit coming from those closing results.

Now that TheBestPerHead.com has our agents well into the black for the NFL season, the only thing left to do is book the biggest game of the year. But what sounds like a stressful job is actually one of the easiest games to book on the entire sports calendar.

The Super Bowl is a gift to bookies, with two capable teams splitting public opinion and drawing a ton of action over a two-week span. Our oddsmakers were among the first in the industry to offer a line on the Big Game, and anticipated the early market swing toward the underdog Eagles, with wiseguys gravitating toward the points.

With 98 percent of the action on Super Bowl LII showing up in the 48 hours before kickoff, TheBestPerHead.com will have our agents right where they want to be when it comes to the side and total – and will also offer a massive menu of prop selections to meet the rabid demand for action that only the Super Bowl stirs up.

With more than 100 years of bookmaking experience on our team, and the finest risk management analysis in the PPH business, we’re already grading the 2017-18 NFL season as a huge winner – and we haven’t even closed the book on the biggest betting day in all of sports.

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