There’s never a down time for agents thanks to these betting options

There's never a down time for agents thanks to these betting options
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We’ve reached one of the slowest times for sports betting as the calendar slowly shifts to March. The Super Bowl is long over, the NCAA tournament won’t start up for a few more weeks, and the NBA and NHL seasons are coming off their respective All-Star breaks as teams tune-up before the postseason push.

As a bookie, these weeks can seem endless. And if you come up on the wrong end of some of those light nights, it can seem even longer. However, while it may feel like March Madness can’t get here soon enough, this time is a perfect opportunity to show off the massive betting menu has to offer.

We know there’s an entire world of sports betting beyond football and basketball, and we want to remind our agents of all the offerings we make available for wagering to make money on sports betting. Take a look at these “fringe” sports below and how they can help you bridge the betting gap between Super Bowl and March Madness.

The Daytona 500 opened the 2018 Monster Energy Series this past weekend, and with all those crazy crashes in the home stretch of the race, racing bettors went for a wild ride. offers a slew of options for NASCAR each week, including race winner odds, season-long futures, and head-to-head driver matchups. NASCAR odds yield a very good return for PPH agents due to the larger odds on race winner outright prices – which are enticing to players – and the unpredictable nature of the sport.

The PGA season is underway but most bettors don’t pay attention until the first major tournament of the season – the Masters. The top golfers in the world will tee up at Augusta National on April 5, and will have multiple ways to wager on the biggest event in golf: outright winner odds, round-by-round props, head-to-head player props, and tournament totals. We often see clients get bitten by the golf bug as the weather gets nicer and the handle on weekly tournaments continues to grow all spring and summer, spiking during the PGA’s four major events.

The Australian Open was the first Grand Slam event of the tennis season but was overshadowed by the NFL playoffs and ramp up to the Super Bowl. The next big tournament for tennis bettors is the French Open in May, but there are multiple events happening each week in both the men’s and women’s draws. Head-to-head match odds are the most popular betting option, but we also allow for live in-game wagering during the bigger events, giving your clients a new and exciting way to get inside the action from serve to smash.

This is a great time to open your clientele up to soccer wagering. The Champions League tournament – featuring the top club teams in Europe – is into its Round of 16, with some of the biggest name on the planet taking the pitch. Shortly after that, the 2018 World Cup begins in June with the top soccer nations on the planet competing in Russia. The betting options for this event will be nearly endless, with game and tournament odds, player and team props, and – of course – live betting on sides and total as well as situational offering, like next team to score.

What makes the top pay-per-head service provider in the industry is options. And we know sports bettors are casino players too. We offer all our agents an online casino experience, featuring the most popular table games, video poker, and virtual slots. So if your clients aren’t biting on any of those alternative sports during this down time, you can always lean on the very best online casino offering in the PPH business.

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