Reminder for new PPH bookies: Stay patient, has your back

Patience is a virtue. And it’s also the best practice for bookmakers to follow in the first few weeks of the football season.
With very little data around teams – especially those small college football schools – books and bettors find themselves on even ground, which is something that might worry those new to operating their own pay-per-head shop. Well, we’re here to tell you to be patient. has never recorded a losing football season in our existence and even if your action went a little sideways in the opening weeks of NCAA and NFL, have confidence that things will balance out. As more games take place, more data is collected and oddsmakers get a much clearer picture of who teams really are – and a much bigger edge.
And it didn’t take long for our valued agents to have a huge NFL windfall in Week 2, with betting underdogs going 10-6 against the spread. With the bulk of public money playing on the favorites each and every Sunday, the dogs took a big bite out of their bankrolls and delivered for PPH bookies. has plenty of NFL seasons under their belts and our crew of oddsmakers and risk management specialist are among the most experienced and innovative in the industry. If you’re still nervous about the outcome of your football season – in terms of hold percentage – here are some reasons why our agent always finish in the football black.
Trust the numbers
Bookmaking is pretty basic when you break it all down. The standard -110 juice is applied to guarantee a profit from each game booked, and our risk management team is always monitoring your action and betting patterns across the sports betting markets to make sure you’re always enjoying the rake.
Sure, there are some games where a big decision is on the line. But those spots are rare and when weighed against a season’s worth of wagers at the standard juice, there’s almost no way to come up short. There will be bad weeks, and there will be good weeks. But come February, will have made the most of your busiest betting stretch.
Futures fortunes
The betting public loves futures. These long-running markets are constantly changing each week after every result, but almost always guarantee a big return. Our oddsmakers carefully craft the football futures – such as Super Bowl, CFP Playoff, Heisman and season win total odds – and adjust your numbers based on results and action taken, always eliminating risk and building what should be a nice chunk of change for agents when the season comes to an end.
Unlike many other PPH providers, we don’t limit our agents in terms of futures offering. And in our opinion, the more futures the better. You can find divisional and conference odds, MVP and player props – like top passer and top receiver – as well as the always popular season win total markets for both college football and the pros.
Live betting
One of the biggest differences between and the rest of those pay-per-head providers is our incredible in-game offerings. Live betting is quickly becoming the most popular and fastest-growing market in the industry, allowing clients to chase losses, double-down on wins, and hedge their pregame wagers. To some of you that are new to bookmaking, the live aspect may scare you a bit, but our crew has been creating and booking in-running action for almost 20 years – starting with those online UK-based bookies back in the late 90’s.
The thing with live odds are that they come at a premium, beyond that standard pregame -110 juice. Bettors wanting to wager on the live odds must pay a little more – and win a little less – to jump into the market in the middle of the action.

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