March Madness is the best time to start making money with

March Madness is the best time to start making money with | News Article by

Super Bowl may be the biggest single betting event on the calendar, but the NCAA tournament – better known as March Madness – is the busiest time for bookmakers. And, if you’re looking to start your own book, it’s the best time to shop for a PPH Services provider.. remains the Pay-Per-Head operator of choice for thousands of agents, who year after year enjoy a surge of betting action – and all the winnings that come with it – every March. No PPH provider does the Big Dance like, and here’s why…

Unrivaled oddsmaking
The reason March Madness is so popular among sports bettors is the vast amount of high-pressure, high-stakes games going off over the first four days of the tournament. Basketball fans can have action from noon until midnight, and The if there for all of it.

Not only do we boast the sharpest NCAA odds in the industry, but we also offer a long list of alternative wagers for every tournament game on the board. Bettors can get first and second half spreads and totals, alternative lines, team and player props, as well as live in-game odds.

There is more than a century of combined NCAA oddsmaking experience on our team, so our number crunchers have seen it all. Your players may not have seen that amazing upset coming, but our oddsmakers sure did.

Risk management
You can post all the odds in the world, but if you don’t know how to manage all that NCAA tournament handle, what’s the point? Our risk management team is constantly adjusting odds and vig to make sure your action stays as balanced as possible, guaranteeing you a healthy hold at the end of each game.

On top of that, our risk management team is tracking liability across the industry, not only adjusting the numbers to your action but also sharp betting patterns in Las Vegas, Asia, Europe and online. The quality of our work doesn’t slip in the busiest of times, with the best in risk management from the Round of 64 all the way to the Final Four.

Our customer service team is also ready 24/7, via online or phone for you and your clients. Our experienced and knowledgeable support team is trained in customer service and player retention, helping you keep you client base happy and wagering.

Security and reliability
What good is a pay-per-head book if the site is down during the busiest days during the NCAA tournament? That’s a problem faced with many pay-per-head providers: they just don’t have the hardware to stay up when the book is at its busiest.

At, we built our operating system from the ground up and before setting one line we made sure our agents would never suffer any downtime. We’ve invested in state of the art servers with backups in place should primary systems seize up or face a DDoS attack.

And when it comes to site security for you and your clients, is at the top of the PPH industry, with encryption and triple-redundant telephone and internet connection security measures protecting personal data from any possible hacks.

We touched on all the wagering options around March Madness but we know your clients demand more. Not only will they find the best ways to bet on the Madness, but they’ll get odds across all major sports and events, including the popular in-play live betting markets.

Going beyond the book, our clients can offer a full horse racing book as well, with daily action from the biggest and best tracks around the globe, as well as an online casino with all the popular table games, video poker and virtual slots.

To top it all off, all these offerings can be found on desktop, tablet and mobile versions of your pay-per-head book. So your clients can get action down at any time, any place.

The tournament is almost here and you won’t want to miss out on the best time to start your own book. Reach out to right now and get started.

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