Stop wasting your time and Tuesdays. Take advantage of our new player payment option

The Best Per Head is always trying to keep our agents two steps ahead of the game, which is why we’re extremely excited to announce our innovative PPH services collection method. 

Tuesdays – generally a collection day in the sports betting industry – can be one of the toughest day for a bookie. Heck, even if your book won a bundle on the weekend, chasing down players for outstanding debts is tiring and time consuming. 

The Best Per Head is offering an exclusive service to its agents, allowing them to set their players up with a direct cashier option. That means that if a player owes you money, they can contact our friendly and helpful customer service department and arrange their outstanding payments to go directly toward your pay-per-head costs. 

That’s right. Not only will this service save you time and energy but can also fund your PPH balance, which means one less thing you need to worry about – allowing you to focus on building out your sportsbook. The Best Per Head is killing two birds with one stone!

Our accounts department offers various methods of payment to suit you and any of your players, including major credit cards, gift cards, Western Union, money transfers, bank wires and money orders, as well as BitCoin digital currency. 

So take back your Tuesdays and set your players up with The Best Per Head’s new direct payment option. 

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